Group project with fellow YRGO students
Lina Fremlén - Copywriter
Adam Palmgren - Event & Marketing
Christofer Schwarz - Digital designer
Nelly Daltrey - IP Graphical Production and Design
Tom-Christian Stokka - Digital design
Elina Sandström - Art Director

The client for YRGO's competition Sammanslaget 2022 was the Swedish non-profit organisation Björkåfrihet. The task was to create a campaign that made Björkåfrihet stand out from other second-hand stores, and to announce and underline once and for all their independence from their previous organisation. The groups included students of the Art Director & Copywriter, Event Marketing & Management, Digital Designer och IP Graphical Production & Design programmes.
We had 76 hours from brief to finished idea, and had a blast working as a team, especially since we've never worked together before across programmes. Our idea included posters that followed Björkåfrihet's graphic manual, and tear-off posters that included ideas and copys form everyone in the group to realistically create a campaign within the client's budget and create a buzz. The tear-offs were especially interesting for Björkåfrihet, and we were asked if they could use the idea in the future.
I created the tear-offs posters with feedback from the team and created simple illustrations that followed the graphic manual to turn a sweater into a hoodie, and to create new illustrations that our digital designer Christofer could animate in After Effects.
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